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Founded in year 1997 in Science Faculty, the Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) offers academic and research programmes aim to understand the relationship between Science, Technology and Society. We provide a platform to study the socio-economic and cultural dimensions of Science and Technology (S&T) by exploring how progress in scientific knowledge and technological advancement affects society, and vice versa. Such efforts are reflected in our unique interdisciplinary programmes that integrate insights from public policy, philosophy, ethics, religion, sociology, economic and sustainability in the study about S&T. 

Based in Faculty of Science – which is one of the few in the world, the department offer full-fledged STS degrees from baccalaureate to doctoral degrees to undergraduate and postgraduate science students. Through our rigorous syllabus and training, we grow science graduates into future leaders who are able to respond reflectively and competently to issues, criticisms and conflicts in related to S&T.

Last Updated: 17/11/2018