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Master of Sustainability Science 

This Master degree programme, previously known as MSc (Science, Technology & Sustainability), is aimed at equipping post-graduate students with the necessary  knowledge, tools and skills in sustainability science through the lens of STI studies.  This includes approaches in public policymaking and management, innovation andentrepreneurship, philosophy, ethics, sociology, science communication and public understanding of science.

Students need to complete 42 credit hours of courses. The minimum duration of study is 3 semesters (e.g. 2 regular semesters and 1 special semester during the semester break), while the maximum duration is 8 normal semesters. The programme is organised on a full-time basis.

Core Courses (30 credits)
SQE7001 Research Methodology in Sustainability Science (3 credits)
SQE7002 Research Project (pre-requisite: SQE7001) (12 credits)
SQE7003 Science and Technology in Sustainable Development (3 credits)
SQE7004 Selected Issues in Sustainability Science (3 credits)
SQE7005 Policy and Management of Sustainable Development (3 credits)
SQE7006 Ethics of Sustainability (3 credits)
SQE7007 Philosophy of Sustainability Science (3 credits)

Elective Courses (minimum 12 credits)
SQE7008 Socio-Legal of Sustainability Science (3 credits)
SQE7009 Green Technology System (3 credits)
SQE7010 Management of Innovation (3 credits)
SQE7011 Science, Technology and Industrial Policy (3 credits)
SQE7012 Technology Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
SQE7013 Media, Public Understanding and Sustainability Science (3 credits)
SQE7014 Science, Technology and Innovation in Islamic World (3 credits)

To learn more about the programme

If you have any inquiry related to application, please contact:
Programme Coordinator:
Dr. Suzana Ariff binti Azizan
Tel: 603-7967 4397    Fax: 603-7967 4396

Last Updated: 29/01/2020