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Our Focus

  • Advocating a Holistic View of Science - We offer science students an interdisciplinary blend of knowledge in science, philosophy, public policy, ethics and humanity.
  • Developing Resilient Learning & Adaptive Capabilities – Students’ learning and adaptive capabilities are enhanced by embedding the elements of logic, critical thinking and communication skills in our teaching.
  • Widening Career Prospects in Science - Science graduates who are competent in dealing with scientific arguments and good managerial skills are equipped to meet the fast-changing labour market demands.
  • Instilling the Art of Humanising Science - We produce science graduates who are capable of viewing science with a humane and holistic approach, and implementing policies accordingly.
  • Fostering Leadership in Science - Graduates are grown into future leaders who are able to respond reflectively and competently to issues and conflicts related to science.
  • Embracing Student-Centred Education - We believe in student-centred education and deliver classes in an interactive and active learning environment.

Last Update: 12/01/2023