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Recent Completed & On-going Research Projects: 

National Science, Technology & Innovation Policy:

  • Toward Effective Policies for Innovation Financing in Asia
  • Inclusive Development in ASEAN
  • ASEAN SME Policy Index

Economics of S&T:

  • Knowledge Capital Structure and Growth Trajectories of Emerging Economies
  • University-Industry-Government Network in Developing Countries 
  • Dynamics of Cluster and Innovation in Malaysia 

Green Technology & Sustainable Innovation:

  • Sustainable Transportation Strategy
  • Local Perspectives on Water Conversation

Human Capital and Knowledge Management in Science:

  • Enhancing Human Capital through Cognitive Skills Development
  • Women in Science Employment
  • Advancing Women in S&T in African-Asian Countries

History & Philosophy of Science:

  • Non-Emergence vs Emergence of Modern Science
  • Historical and Cultural Context of the Problem of Scientific Realism

Bioethics & Biosecurity:

  • Ethical Decision Making in Contemporary Medical Practice
  • Ethical and Moral Consideration of Genetic Engineering Eugenics

Food Security & Food Safety:

  • Value-Added Food Safety and Nutrition Requirements
  • Food Loss in Malaysia and ASEAN

Science & Religion:

  • Contemporary Islam in Theory and Practice with Special Reference to Science and Law
  • Religious & ethics in water management 
  • The Islamisation of Knowledge and Science in Malaysia and the Malay World

Last Update: 06/03/2023