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BSc in Science and Technology Studies

The curriculum was developed in reflection of current and latest advancements in S&T as well as the management of research and development of S&T that draws upon global awareness of the Sustainability of the Society and the Community.

Among the main objectives of Science and Technology Studies is to help expand and enhance the mobility of the intellect of science students. By offering courses that include the dimensions of public policy and management, history and philosophy of  science as well as integrated packages from pure science courses in biology, chemistry, physics, geology and mathematics, students will be able to attain soft skill, such as critical thinking and life-long learning. Such skills and the mastery of reflective knowledge in S&T Studies would prepare the student the necessary character-building as well as the intellectual and mental energy to assist the nation to formulate and enact effective policies related to the development of science and technology. This necessary knowledge, together with important soft skills such as critical thinking and problem solving skills are essential for the students to face a challenging working environment after graduation.

This programme is offered based on semester system. The degree is awarded to candidates who secure a minimum of 125 credits. The degree is accredited by the Public Service Department of Malaysia and the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia.

Period of Candidature: 7 semesters (minimum); 11 semesters (maximum)

Career Opportunities:

  • Administrative officer of S&T
  • Diplomat and administrative officer
  • R&D officer
  • Science officer
  • S&T journalist
  • Policy analyst
  • Technology-Business consultant
  • Lecturer and researcher

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If you have any inquiry related to application, please contact:
Programme Coordinator:
Dr. Mohd Zufri bin Mamat
Tel: 603-79674441

Last Updated: 24/03/2020